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Highland Walks

Encompassing great mountains and meandering rivers, the Highlands are the prime walking area of Scotland. There is plenty to satisfy the serious hill walker.

Uchrless Castle and Cottage is the perfect location for exploring the Highlands on foot. As far as the eye can see, the landscape wows you with its stunning diversity, from majestic mountains to dramatic coastline. In between the highest points and the sea, you’ll discover rolling hills, glorious glens, atmospheric forests, picturesque lochs and ribboning rivers.


If you do enjoy walking challenges to be high and mighty, you have arrived in the right region. The Highlands is home to many of Scotland’s famous Munros, the 282 mountains with a summit of more than 3,000 ft, and the sister mountains, the 221 Corbetts, which are mountains between 2,500 ft and 2,999 ft tall.

If you  prefer a more leisurely stroll on the flat by the river. The famous beauty spots of Glen Affric and Plodda Falls are nearby with organised, easy to follow walking routes and trails. The woods and hills in the surrounding areas are a haven for wildlife.

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